TaskTag - Make a Constructor Idea Come Alive

» Work @Lovett Commerical

» Role: Design Manager

» Collaboration: Product Owner, Product Manager, UX/UI Designers, Dev Team, External Partners

» 2021 - 2022 Spring

» Website URL tasktag.com

TaskTag is the all-in-one construction project management app. Targeting at builders and conctractors in the construction industry, it enables teams to increase effiency by assigning tasks, tracking projects, and organiznig files all through chat.

While product/project management is nothing new to many industries, most tools were designed for office workers. For builders, especially small construction teams, it has been a headache training team members to understand and utilize the complicated software.

In the one-year timeline, I worked closed with the product owner, building a digital product team from scratch, developing product strategies, and managing the design team at the early stage.

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TaskTag is at an early growing stage. Learn more about the app and its features at tasktag.com.

Contact carliezyt@gmail.com if you are interested in how Carlie delivered solutions and helped this idea become a real product.