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Generally, many believe that the body imprisons the soul. Is it possible to view soul as a kind of real matter, which determines and controls the way our physical body exists?

RESOULNANCE tries to view the soul issue from an eastern perspective. It is an installation that put forward a possibility of visualizing the soul vibration through acupuncture points on foot.

The Universe is energy, which vibrates and creates all things we are aware of and unaware of. And all matter in the Universe consists of energy waves which vibrate at different rates of speed. Matter is made up of a molecular structure and space, therefore, science will tell you that no object is really solid; it just vibrates at a speed that makes the object appear solid. Thus, our vibrational frequency is who we are, body, mind and spirit. – OMTIMES Magazine, “An Understanding of Vibrations and Frequency” by Melissa Feick

At the same time, acupuncture points and meridians are special conduits for electrical signals. They have some distinct electrical properties, including increased conductance, reduced impedance and resistance, increased capacitance, and elevated electrical potential compared to adjacent nonacupuncture points. And some other unique properties still cannot be explained by science today. In fact, it is the key of martial arts and health regimen in Chinese culture and is closely related to “qi” in Chinese medicine. So RESOULNANCE tries to view it as a possible channel of soul. It turns the potential evoked by electrical stimulation of acupuncture point into sound, and then a unique water sound image. When the audience stares at the mirror, s/he will see her/his own face on the glass and the dynamic pattern of her/his own soul vibration.

Main Tools

Aruino | Rhino | CNC | Speaker