POST Houston - Web & Visual System

» Work @Lovett Commerical

» Role: Design Lead & Management

» Collaboration: Marketing Team, Dev Team, External Partners

» 2020 - Current

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Formerly the historic Downtown Houston post office, POST has transformed into a dynamic cultural hub, offering community programming, food, art, and coworking spaces. As a mixed-use complex, the project consists of multiple sub-brand venues, including 713 Music Hall operated by Live Nation, a global entertainment company; Coworking offices operated by Common Desk, a Texas-based WeWork Company; Skyfarm operated by Blackwood Educational Land Institute, a local nonprofit organization.

Since August 2020, I've managed the POST website and related visual assets, adjusting the website roadmap to align with construction updates and development changes while driving design strategies.

2.5 years after its grand opening, POST has achieved impressive milestones: 3.7 million annual visitors, 202K+ newsletter subscribers and a consistent monthly web audience of 70k+.

Main Tools

UX Design | Visual Deisgn | Strategy | Front-End Web Dev

Challenge and Solutions

Various Needs Within the Same Brand

» To accommodate the needs of various audience groups and facilitate effective collaboration with a wide range of business partners for market expansion, it's crucial to consider multiple requirements within the same brand. This approach ensures alignment with all stakeholders and optimizes overall success.

Subbrands were created for special events and programs

System Updates

» New constuction and development progress brings increasing demands for online marketing and customer supports, such as event promotion, rental inquiries, and online parking payments.

» From May to October 2022, my focus was Phase 2 to Phase 3 iteration, building a system and new templates to meet the new marketing and operation needs for POST.

» My team updated the design system with dynamic web components to improve navigation, increasing scorlling and clicking rate by 300% while gaining 80k new users on average each month.

» Example: New Design Elements for Office Leasing
» Example: New Design Elements for Venue Rental

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