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Latest: Reflection

» EdLab Design Team Work     » 2019 June - August     » Exhibited @ Offit Gallery, Teachers College Columbia University     » Role in the project: Curator & Desginer
About Offit Gallery Exhibits

Located at 3rd floor of Russell Hall, Teachers College Columbia University, Offit Gallery shows educational exhibitions which are mounted in partnership with the Teachers College community and others with an interest in displaying unique and innovative educational materials, while also regularly showcasing Teachers College's Historical Art Collections.

Curating the latest exhibit - Reflections

“Reflections” takes work from three art collections (Dow, Castellon, and Ziegfeld), in the Gottesman Library archive, that has been selected for their connection and counterpoint to each other. The exhibit is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the recent film Us, and the principles of art therapy. “Reflections” was curated by members of the library staff to examine the art of the library in new ways.

The method of selection for artwork relied on the idea of reflecting, or similarities, in style, medium, and themes within the artwork. On the left side of the Offit gallery, the artworks contain color while artworks on the opposite side are monochrome. The theme is also represented in the style of the banner, description, and plaques for the artwork by using mirrors and mirroring to represent the exhibit title and concept.

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