Knowing Together

» Teamwork @ EdLab     » Role in the project: Environment visual designer & Exhibit production

» 2018 Fall - 2019 Spring     » Collaborated w/ artist Rosalie Yu

"Knowing Together" is an experiment in collaborative photography and the expression of embodied experience in three-dimensional art. Rosalie Yu uses 3D capturing techniques to explore the limits of perception and memory, to reflect upon archiving practices, to transform everyday experience through rituals, and to interrogate the process of capturing depth in photography.

"Knowing Together" began with a workshop in late September where the artist and a group of strangers learn photogrammetry, a technique for creating 3D models of objects by combining photographs from multiple angles. The group formed a circle and passed around a camera to progressively capture a 3D image as the two strangers embrace platonically for the duration of the scan. Each embrace is 3D printed and exhibited as a sculpture. The entire group is credited as creators of these sculptures, which are displayed alongside raw captured images, video footage, and other source materials from the creation of these sculptures.

Main Tools

Environment Visual Design | Exhibit Production | 3D Scan Education | LED light

Environment Visual Design

Geometric patterns were designed for the Knowing Together photogrammetry workshop environment, since the current computer vision technology don't work well with white solid background.

design layout

Graphic design and mockup in Illustrator


The workshop space



Exhibit Design & Production

design layout

Exhibit design and mockup in SketchUp


Final Exhibit


Customized LED Podium display for the sculptures