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DROP ME is an overlying video. It discusses the relationship between human and electronic devices. People created these devices, and in turn, they in a sense recreated human beings. The main video shows how the soft model, "me", falling and deforming in a tube full of rigid electronic devices. The overlying windows are videos recording the most common interfaces and gestures in present society.

My life is filled with computers, laptops, mobiles, and earphones. Then gradually I realize that they've remodeled me, and I cannot get rid of some automatic gestures. For instance, I press ctrl s spontaneously; I feel natural when wearing earphones; my fingers can be so fast when typing. These are like kind of new structure of my body. I cannot live without those devices, but meanwhile, sometimes I just want to throw them like some trash.

By using Zbrush and Cinema 4D, I built a model of myself. I edited my body to make it looks like rubber and put it into a tube full of electronic devices. The lyric is read by Mac. It describes the common behaviors and state of contemporary life. When writing the lyrics for the video about how they changed me, the idea came to my mind that I can record the automatic gestures in daily life, edit them like X-ray picture, and make them overlying on the original video.

Main Tools

Cinema 4D | ZBrush | Adobe Audition | Adobe Premiere Pro




• iPhone alarm
• Last Week Tonight on YouTube
• Checking email
• Travie McCoy: Golden (feat. Sia) official video
• Radiohead: No Surprises official video
• Unlocking and swiping mobile phone
• Saving work in software
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Weibo
• WeChat
• Messenger
• Video game WOW
• Video game FIFA
• Video chating tuition video


• Sliding unlocking

• Typing
• Putting on earphones

• Unlocking
• Pressing Command + S

• Pressing game controller


Boot, transform, more flexible,
Normal work and rest,
Cellphone alarms ringing at eight,
Dark circle under the eyes,
Getting ready for another busy day,
Stay informed,
Check all inboxes,
Furious finger tapping on the keyboard without rolling eyes,
Moving fast,
Music playing in the headphone,
News showing on the screen,
(Never find bored in the crowd on the subway),
Unlock the screen,
Then lock it,
Ten times an hour,
(No missing a single notification),
A faster processor,
A fairly large hard disk,
Will frequently press ctrl s,
Cloud computing,
Logging into accounts,
(No longer afraid of losing important data or file),
Social networking,
Photo editing,
A rich picture of life posting,
A lot of likes,
A lot of shares,
But still block a lot of pages and friends,
Messages for messages,
Friendly and humorous,
(Always send a proper emoticon at appropriate time of the conversation),
Video games for relax,
Video chatting with family,
The pleasure of watching the beautiful moments on the monitor,
No lack of inspirations,
No chance of escape,
A tiny but contributing member of the big world,
Less time for sigh,
More possibilities,
Now learning more to stay current,
Stay cautious,
Stay accurate,
like a dog waiting for the Frisbee,
That’s trained to develop new instincts and reflexes,
more flexible,
A rubber in the trash being pressed